Who’s who

Committee members

Acting Chairperson:
Mike Samuels


Acting Club Secretary
Rebecca Wilson


Membership Secretary and Website manager:
Anne Echevarria


Debbie Orr


Gala Entry and Volunteer Coordinator:
Kane Orr


Press Officer:
Stuart Eaborn


Welfare Officer:
Adam Hall


Who do I contact?

The swimming club has several email addresses for specific reasons, please use the correct one:

committee@alnwick-dolphins.co.uk – Please use this address if you wish to send an email to all of the committee. Each committee member will receive a copy.

membership@alnwick-dolphins.co.uk – Please use this email address for any membership-only queries. It will be dealt with by Anne Echevarria.

gala-entry@alnwick-dolphins.co.uk – Please only use this to submit gala entry amendments and please mark FAO: Kane Orr, Paul Batley (Championship Galas) or Louise Hodson (Home galas) depending on the gala instructions. 

welfare@alnwick-dolphins.co.uk – This is a confidential email address that is only accessed by our Welfare Officer, Adam Hall.  Please use this if you have any cause for concern over welfare issues of any nature in the club.

club-secretary@alnwick-dolphins.co.uk – Please use this email address for matters of business and administration. Mike Samuels will deal with it.

press@alnwick-dolphins.co.uk – Contact Stuart Eaborn with matters relating to press and publicity.

website@alnwick-dolphins.co.uk – Contact Anne Echevarria with comments relating to the website and technical email issues.